Certificate of Professional Practice

Technical skills qualify you to do the job, enterprise skills prepare you to do it well.

We don't waste your time with the same old common wisdom. Every strategy we suggest is based on academic studies - proven to work. We've built the courses in consultation with our senior Professional members so these skills reflect industry demands.

Proven strategies you can 

put into practice


The Professional Standard is designed to help you hit the ground running and make a fast start to your career. Covering; writing, communication, negotiation, time management, networking, personal branding and team work - it has everything you need to settle into the workforce.


When you've settled into the job and you're ready for more responsibility, the leadership standard is for you. Covering public speaking, problem solving, team leadership, digital literacy, learning skills, persuasion and project management - it has all the skills you need to begin leading people and projects.

Launching in 2017

Once you're a few years into the job and ready to no longer be considered a graduate, the innovation standard is for you. Covering - Marketing, Strategy, Management, Systems Thinking, Finance, Economics and Entrepreneurship - it has all the skills you need to begin influencing your industry.

Launching in 2017


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"It's already started helping me at work"

Stuart Small

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Project & Contract Engineer

Great Lakes Council

"I completed the Negotiation Skills course and I've already used some of the techniques I learnt successfully in a negotiation at work. Every time I run into another PA member, I'm encouraging them to give it a go"

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